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“Simple and Beautiful email marketing” — Mashable

  • Yes, you can select people based on a search!

    When you click on the Audience tab, you can access the entire contact list.  Search terms help you limit this list (or any other list) to only the contacts that match your requirements.

    To Search Your Audience:

      1. Type any letters or symbols into the Search box (by the magnifying glass) to look for matching entries.  There are two ways to do this:

    – Type something like “” or “Smith”

    – To search for info beyond just email and name, enter a “tag” followed by the value you want to match.  For example, enter “City:Chicago”

    type search term here

    1. Click the box next to Email and notice that Mimi puts a check mark next to all contacts (visible on this page only) from your search.
    2. In case you have a long list of matching contacts, click the option to: “Select _ people?” from your search so that you can get the entire set.

    Voilà!  You’ve done it. : -) But wait, what can you do with this selection of contacts?  Either export them or add them into a new or existing list.  :-)

    Let’s say you want to move every contact that has some piece of information in common to their own list. For example, everyone with a Yahoo email or maybe from the same City.  After you’ve searched and selected the matches, click the down-arrow next to “Add to” and choose a list to add them to or create a new one.

    If you’d rather export the list, click the Export link and check for the downloaded CSV file which you can open with Excel or other programs. Now, you’ve accomplished something!

    search and export