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  • Advanced Search Techniques

    So, you wanna get fancy? Well then, you came to the right place.

    Mimi’s advanced search techniques let you sort your audience by any number of parameters. For instance, I can search for:

    • firstname:Dean and city:"New York City" and member_of:"Mimi All Stars"

    which would then pull up all audience members with the first name “Dean” who live in New York City and are a member of the list “Mimi Allstars.”

    Advanced Search

    Not bad for a first try, huh? Let’s try another one. Maybe I want to see everyone that is not a member of a certain list:

    • not member_of:"Rock and Roll Lovers"

    This will give me everyone that isn’t a member of the list, "Rock and Roll Lovers". Got it? Let’s go one more step further:

    • member_of:"Rock and Roll Lovers" and not member_of:"Eric Johnson"

    Whoa! It’s all of the people who love rock and roll, but aren’t a member of Eric Johnson’s list. Cool. :) What if they’re on both?

    • member_of:"Rock and Roll Lovers" or member_of:"Eric Johnson"

    Now for the bonus round:

    • includes zip:111

    This search term will bring up every zip code that has the three 1’s in a row anywhere in the code

    Want to find all contacts in your All Audience list that are not members of any specific list? Use the term:

    • only_in_all_list

    Pretty sweet, huh? As an extra bonus, you can string together any number of statements by simply using NOT, OR, & AND. You’re now ready to go forth and search!

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