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  • How Do I View or Edit Contact Details?

    Only Name and Email details are displayed on the main page of your Mad Mimi audience, but you can always view and edit contact details in a couple of clicks.

    To View or Edit Contact Details:

    To view or edit a specific contact’s details, just click on their email address in the audience area of your account, or select the pencil icon to the right of any contact’s address:

    click the pencil to view and edit contact details

    Member Details Tab:

    On the Member Details tab, you can edit contact details.  Click on:

    edit contact details through the member details tab

    1. Add to List adds the selected contact to any of your specific audience lists.
    2. Add another field lets you add another data field to that contact in your account.  It could be anything from “Billing Address” to “Account Number” to “Favorite Color!”

    Mailings Received History:

    Click on the Mailings Received tab to see which emails have been sent to that specific contact and when.

    1. Clicking on the Subject or
    2. Promotion link will take you to the stats page for that specific send.
    3. The status of the send to that contact is indicated by one of these symbols:
    view contact mailing history by clicking on these options

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