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  • Mailing Status Icons, What do they mean?

    All Mailing Statistics have a quick reference icon. Mad Mimi displays these icons in the audience area–on the mailings received tabs for each contact and also in the suppressed list. Let’s cover each mailing status icon below:

    Mailing Status Icons:

    • mailing status sent

    The mailing was sent to this contact.


    • mailing status accepted

    The mailing was successfully accepted by the contact. No other information is available at this time.


    • mailing status engaged

    The mailing was viewed, clicked, or shared by the contact. Each engaged type has its own icon as well:



    • mailing status Viewed

    The contact viewed the mailing by downloading images.



    • mailing status clicked

    The contact clicked a link in the mailing. You can click the url listed to find out more details.


    • mailing status hared

    The contact shared the promotion using a Mad Mimi social share option, or the forward to a friend tool.


    The social share icons also have individual share icons:

    • facebook social shareThe contact shared the promotion on Facebook
    • Shared on TwitterThe contact shared the promotion on Twitter
    • Shared on PinterestThe contact shared the promotion on Pinterest
    • Shared on Google PlusThe contact shared the promotion on Google +



    • mailing status bounced

    The mailing did not deliver successfully to the contact. For more on bounces and what they mean, click here.

    Marked As Spam

    • mailing status Marked As Spam

    The contact clicked the “mark as spam” or “report spam” button in the inbox. These contacts are automatically suppressed.


    • mailing status Unsubscribed
    The contact unsubscribed from the email. These contacts are also automatically suppressed.

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