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  • How Do I View My Contact Imports?

    Contact import details area always available from your Mad Mimi Audience page. These details help you view recent import history to your account, quickly see the total number of new contacts added to your audience, and provide the option to undo an import if necessary.

    To View Contact Import Details:

    Click on your Imports tab (it’s only available from your Audience Page).

    import contact details, click here to find

    Mimi shows your most recent contact import details on this page, including:


    Is it pending, successful, undone, or failed? It’s all color coded on the left.


    This is when the import was made into your audience.

    List Name

    Click on the status message to reveal list name details. The list name displayed is where you imported those contacts.

    Contact Count

    The number displayed is the number of new contacts imported into your audience. Existing contacts are counted as 0,so even if you’re updating their member details previously existing contacts won’t be included in the total count.


    Mimi offers the option to undo your most recent import :) To Undo an import, click the Undo Import button on the far right