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  • Send Options: Exclude List

    Excluding A List, What This Means for your Mailing

    When sending your email newsletter, all lists in your audience are available to select as recipients. Two options are available for each list:

    Click to suppress contacts from an email newsletter mailing temporarily

    Option 1: Send To List

    Click the check and Mimi will send to all contacts on this list.

    Option 2: Exclude List

    The exclude option will prevent all contacts on the list from receiving your email.
    If the contacts in the excluded list are also members of a list you selected to send to, they will still not receive the mailing. Think of this option like a temporary suppression list.

    My Mailing Sent To 0 Contacts, Why?

    If all of the contacts in a list you selected to send “To” are also in the list you excluded, this would cancel out your send. If you don’t need to make sure contacts in a specific list are suppressed from a mailing entirely, make no selection for this list–just select the lists you need to send to.

    If you’re looking for more details, you can read through an example send from start to finish.

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