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  • How Do I Suppress Contacts?

    A Little Bit About Suppression…

    Mad Mimi lets you delete contacts, but you can also “suppress” them, so that contacts remain in your account, but are NOT counted towards your account limits. When contacts are added to the suppressed list, Mimi can preserve stats and other details associated with those contacts, even though you’re not sending to them anymore.  Mimi will also work to make sure you don’t accidentally upload or send to any contacts that are on your suppression list.

    To Suppress One Contact:

    Mad Mimi automatically suppresses contacts when they are defunct or inactive, or when they unsubscribe, but you can also manually suppress your own contacts. You might need to do this if a customer writes to you directly asking to opt out of your email newsletter instead of clicking the unsubscribe link in your email, for example.  Just select the appropriate icon (the envelope with the no symbol) next to a specific contact’s name.

    click this button, the envelope with the no symbol

    To Suppress A List, Or Many Contacts At Once:

    Follow these steps or choose the suppression list from your list options upon import.

    To choose via the menu options, click the Add New Contacts button.

    add new contacts button

    Paste your contacts in the space provided, or attach your file. Then choose Suppression list from the drop down menu.

    suppressed list selected

    Click Add Contacts and you’re done!