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  • What is the “Suppression List”?

    The suppressed list is where Mad Mimi stores all your Bounced, Unsubscribed, and Unconfirmed subscribers. The amount of contacts stored here DO NOT receive any more of your mail, and do not count toward your total number of stored contacts (what we use to determine your plan level).

    How Is A Contact Suppressed?

    When an email is bounced or the subscriber opts out, Mad Mimi automatically places the email address in the Suppression List to ensure you don’t send to them again. Even if you upload the same contacts again, Mad Mimi recognizes the addresses and keeps them in the Suppression List so you needn’t worry about it. Bounced emails are retried (just in case) and the email address is moved to the Audience list once the email is delivered.

    suppressed list

    Note: Please leave this list intact and do not delete the entire list. If removing specific contacts, please be sure that they have asked to be re-added to your subscriber list.

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