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  • How do I import people directly into the suppression list?

    If you’re wondering what your suppression list is, you can find out here.

    Importing into suppression is especially helpful when moving to Mad Mimi from another system. It makes sure anyone who previously unsubscribed from your list or bounced can’t be added back into your subscriber list accidentally, which ensures you never send email to anyone who doesn’t want it.

    Here’s how it works-

    This is an example of a CSV file:




    In the above example, will be uploaded to suppression.  Why?

    Well, you’ll notice we’ve created a column or header in our file called “opt out.” Dark Knight is one of 3 entires (Jane Smith and Sheldon Cooper as well) with a number ‘1’ value in that column. Any entrie who has a value of “1” in a column called “opt out” will be uploaded into suppression.

    This works with either uploaded or pasted data.

    Okay, but what about removing people from suppression? What if they want our emails after all?

    Well, take a look at this CSV:




    We’ve changed the “1” to a “0.” Anyone with a zero “0” in the opt-out column is removed from suppression. It doesn’t matter how or why they got there – uploading with that “0” will place them back into your audience list.

    You can mix “1”s and “0”s in one file, as well – it’s a powerful way to reorganize a list in one simple upload.

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