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  • How To Allowlist Emails From Mad Mimi

    You shouldn’t normally have to worry about emails getting through with Mad Mimi, but what happens if they don’t? If you are sending tests to yourself and they are not coming through, or your subscribers report not receiving your emails, the issue may be that these recipients need to specifically allow your mail, because of the way those mail systems are set up.

    How To Allowlist Emails From Mad Mimi:

    You may need to give your recipients the “from” address that you use to send the email, Mad Mimi’s IP addresses, or Mad Mimi domains so that they can allowlist them.

    To Allowlist Using IPs:

    Here are the IP address ranges that your email may be sent through: All IPs from to All IPs from to All IPs from to All IPs from to All IPs from to

    To Allowlist Using Domain:

    All Mad Mimi mail will have the sending domain of *

    Need More Information?

    If you don’t know what to do with this information, that’s ok! Email Also email us if:

    1. You have allowlisted Mad Mimi emails and they are not coming through reliably
    2. You are unsure whether you need to allowlist or how to do it
    3. You would like specific IPs or information in order to simplify the allowlisting process
    4. You have other general questions about allowlisting and delivery

    We definitely want to help you figure out what the root of the issue is and fix it so that you can get back to making beautiful emails! :)