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  • How Do I Set Up RSS To Email?

    Do you need help setting up your Mad Mimi RSS to Email? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for RSS to Email instructions… Mimi style! We’ll walk you through all of the steps here :) And if you’re more of a visual type, just watch our RSS to email YouTube set-up video!

    To send out your RSS feed with Mad Mimi, you’ll need to import the feed, choose your email styles, and select your audience.

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    Troubleshooting Tip: Having trouble with images showing? Check out the details about the details of the “Clean” setting.

    To Set Up RSS To Email:

    1. Click on Add Things in the top right menu area, and find the “RSS to Email” option. Turn it on, and click on “Go Set it up.”

    2. Click the orange Add a Feed button in the top right of the RSS area.

    3. Enter your feed or blog URL in the pop up area, and click the orange “Import feed now” button.

    To Edit the RSS Email Formatting:

    Mimi will create a promotion that displays your 3 most recent posts in the regular composer. This is only for editing purposes. This version never actually sends out – Mimi will only send new posts from here forward. And Mimi will only send out an email whenever there are new posts. That means if you haven’t created any new posts since you created your RSS promotion, the email won’t send out, at all, until there is new content.

    This draft is how the RSS to email promotion will look, though! So use the sample content to design your email and choose the theme you like. Don’t forget about all the usuals, like your banner image. Mimi keeps all of these settings for you, and simply sends the new posts inserted within this format.

    Pro Tip: By default, all feeds will import with the full posts displayed, untouched. If you prefer, we have something called a “Clean” formatted option. With this selected, Mimi will include ONLY the first image, truncate your post at 1,000 characters, and automatically add a “read more” link. To get the details, jump to the ‘clean’ formatting section.

    You can name this feed by editing the title of this promotion. Whatever title you enter in the promotion title field will show up as the title of the RSS feed, in your RSS area.

    edit Mad Mimi promotion title to change the title of the RSS feedMad Mimi RSS area showing Promotion title

    Make sure to save. Then click continue on the lower right

    To set the Schedule & Details for your RSS Email:

    1. Now it’s time to choose your send settings. Click on the “Schedule & Details” button underneath your feed thumbnail.

    rss to email schedule

    2. Select your mailing frequency:

    Remember, your RSS promotion only sends when there’s a new post. If you select Daily for example, and only post 3 days a week, your promotion will also send only 3x a week :) If there’s no new content when Mimi checks your feed, she won’t send out any email, at all.

    Also, please note there is a hard limit of 10 posts per email.

    3. Select your audience list for Mimi to send your RSS email to. You can also include individual email addresses in the field at the bottom. When everything looks right, click “Continue” in the bottom right.

    RSS to email list selection

    4. Now you can finalize your sender and mailing details, here.

    • The From Name and From Email

      – These are the From details your readers see in the inbox

    • Subject

      – Set the subject title for all RSS mailings. Whatever you set as the subject line here will always show as the subject line of the email, each time it sends out.

    Pro Tip: There is a special macro you can use that will insert your most recent post title, automatically. Just type (post_title) in the field. So if my latest blog, titled: “Mad Mimi Love!” was sending to my RSS list, with the settings below, the subject line would appear as: Mad Mimi Love!
    You can also combine a static subject with the dynamic (post_title). For example:
    Daily Updates From Mimi: (post_title)
    Would send an email with the subject line as: Daily Updates From Mimi: Mad Mimi Love!

    • Enable Link Tracking

      – this allows you to track clicks, most people keep this checked :)

    • Automatically format RSS feed for clean display

      – Checking this option alters your feed for easy email reading. With the “clean” display option selected, Mimi includes only the first image in your post. She also only includes the first 1,000 characters of each blog post, and automatically adds a “read more” link  back to your blog article. All other excess formatting, images, etc are removed. If you want to include the full post from your RSS feed in your emails, leave this option unchecked.

      – If the ‘clean’ option is selected, only the very first image in your post will be included in the RSS email. If your blog is hosted by Blogger, and you’re not seeing any images show up, check out our RSS images troubleshooting guide, here.

      – No matter what the ‘clean’ settings are, Mimi will still only be pulling content from your feed URL. So, if you’re having any trouble with the RSS email content, be sure to check there, first. If you have specific settings on your feed URL, itself, that only shows an excerpt of your post, for example — or already includes a link back to your site — the ‘clean’ display is not recommended for you. You want Mimi to show your whole feed URL content.

    • Social Sharing

      – This inserts social share buttons at the top of your RSS email.

    That’s it! If you ever need to make changes, or confirm settings, click the rss link on the right side of your main page :)

    RSS to Email edit details