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  • What is the RSS “Clean Display?”

    So you’ve input your RSS feed URL, and you’ve customized the promotion to your liking. You’ve set your schedule, and chosen the audience to send your blog updates to. And then you get here, the “Email Details” page:


    And then, Mimi asks if you’d like to “automatically format” your RSS email for a “clean display”:


    If you asked “What is a clean display, anyway?!”, you are in the right place.

    And just head over here, if you’re looking for more info on how to set up your RSS Feed Email, from the beginning.

    Or watch this video on setting up your RSS feed, instead.

    What is an RSS “Clean Display”, Anyway?!

    When you tick this option, Mimi will do 4 things to the display of your article, all automatically:

    1. She will grab and include the first image from your post, only. Or the featured image in your post, if you have that set. Mimi will put this image at the very top of your article, regardless of where it was placed in your post.
    2. She will truncate the text of your article to the first 1000 characters by default. You can click “Customize” to tweak the snippet size.
    3. She will add a “Read more” link to the post, right at the end of the excerpt.
    4. She will strip out any other formatting, like bolding, or links, etc.

    See it in action on this blog post about Mimi’s founder, Gary Levitt:




    If you want to include the full text from your article, be sure to leave the RSS “Clean Display” option unchecked.

    Pro Tip: Regardless of the display settings you’ve selected, Mimi is still only going to be pulling content directly from your RSS feed URL, and not right from your blog. So, if anything seems amiss, with your RSS images, or with the display of your text, it’s best to check out your RSS feed URL settings, first.

    If you already have a plugin to manage your RSS feed display, or have any specific settings on your feed URL, the ‘clean’ display is not recommended for you. For example, maybe you’ve already set your RSS feed to only show an excerpt of your post, or already have it include a custom link back to your site. In this case, you want Mimi to show your whole feed URL content, so be sure to leave the RSS “Clean Display” option unchecked.

    And of course, if you need any other help, just email us!