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  • Help! My images aren’t showing in my RSS email!

    So you’ve connected your RSS feed to Mad Mimi. And she’s made an awesome RSS email for you, by automatically pulling in articles from your blog… but, wait! The images aren’t there!

    First of all, don’t panic. This is probably very easy to fix.

    If only one image is showing in your feed email, check out the ‘clean’ formatting settings of your RSS email. If your blog is hosted by Blogger or is a Blogspot subdomain, and there aren’t any images, at all — read on!

    Go to your feed, and find one of the sneaky images that is refusing to show up in your email. Get the <img src…> tag of the image, and check it out.

    Chances are, the URL for that image is ‘relative’, instead of ‘absolute’. A relative link doesn’t mention the main, root URL, and just references the unique part of the image URL. And an absolute link, on the other hand, is the full URL of the image which could be used independently anywhere on the web, by itself.

    For example

    The img src in your article might look something like this:

    <img src=”/wp-content/uploads/article-image.jpeg” alt=”0041_1.jpeg” title=”0041_1.jpeg” align=”middle” width=”400″ height=”602″ border=”0″ />

    The link in that img src tag is relative. This is the URL being referenced, in that tag:


    You can see that the beginning of that link doesn’t really look like a normal website. In order for that URL to be absolute, it needs to include the main URL of your page. Here is an example of the same URL, as an absolute link:

    Once you republish your content using absolute links, just reload your feed. You should start to see those images showing up in your RSS feed. Just give Mimi a little time to reload your content from your feed, and your RSS email should pick up those images, too!

    Still have trouble with your RSS email?

    If those images still aren’t showing, just email us!

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