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  • I don’t have a banner. How should I create one?

    The banner image is the really cool image that goes across the top of your promotion. If you don’t have one, well, you should. Here’s some tips and tricks on creating one for yourself.

    Step 1.

    Find an image that defines your company or your newsletter’s vibe. You can often grab an image from your own computer, but if you don’t have anything readily available, there are plenty resources out there to find a gorgeous image. My favorite is to use the creative commons on where you can search images that are free for public use.

    Step 2.

    Once you’ve found your image, upload it to the image editing program of your choice. Spend some time cropping, editing and adding text to your image to capture the right tone.

    Save your image to 590 pixels wide for the most efficient rendering and loading.

    If you’ve never edited an image, use Canva to create a design with custom dimensions (try 590 x 175 px):

    • Click “Uploads” to add your own logo or image.
    • Click “Elements” to choose one of Canva’s free photographs.
    • Click “Text” to add text.
    • When you’re done designing, click “Download” at the top of the page and save your image as a PNG file.

     Step 3.

    Upload the banner image to Mad Mimi’s image sidebar and drag it into the banner area. You’re now the proud creator of a wicked cool banner image!

    banner example 1
    banner example 2

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