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  • How can I copy the color scheme from my website? (For PC users)

    Mac user? Read our how-to guide for Macs!

    To Copy Colors From Your Website:

    To start, you’ll need a program that can tell you the exact names (hex codes) of the colors that you have on your website.

    If you use a windows operating system like XP or Vista, There are many programs you can use to identify these colors. Below are several free color picker programs that you could download. There are also paid programs out there if you would like enhanced security and support.

    Color Picker Suggestions:

    Just Color Picker

    If you have a Macintosh, look here.

    At the end of this page are instructions on how to put these colors into your Mimi theme.

    Now, Let’s Walk Through An Example:

      1. In our example, we’re going to use the Annystudio Just Color Picker. So first you need to download the program. Follow the link to the Annystudio download page, and click on the link for the program. Unless your computer is really old, this should be


      1. Open the program, and you’ll see a box like the ones below. Go to your website and put your mouse over the color your want the name of, and press Alt+x
    copy colors from website, hotkey


      1. On the right hand side of the program, You’ll see the color along with it’s 6 digit name. This light blue color’s name is : #B1C7FF


      1. So here, you’ve added all of the main colors on the Mad Mimi site, and you’re ready to create your custom theme. :-)
    hex codes, all stored

    Adding Hex Codes to your Mad Mimi Theme:

      1. Go to your Mimi account, and click on the “Edit” link next to one of your promotions in the promotions tab. Click on the themes tab, and then select create theme. Enter the name you’d like your theme to have and press create new:
    copy colors from website, to the Mad Mimi Theme!


      1. Click on the text type or color area you want to change. For this example, I clicked on “Heading”. Go back to your color picker program, and copy the 6-digit hex code of the color you want. Click on the 6 digit number shown in the image below, and paste the new number in. Then click ok.
    paste the hex code here
    1. Ta Da! The headings are now pink. For the rest of the colors you recorded, rinse and repeat.
    repeat with all site colors

    Don’t forget to hit “Okay I’m Done” when you’re finished!

    don't forget to save

    Remember, you can select this new theme for future promotions, since it will be stored in your themes tab on the right.

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