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  • How Do I Create A Custom Style?

    In addition to the preset style options, you can create custom styles for your Mad Mimi promotions! If you’re looking to match your emails to your site colors or branding, a custom style is the best way to do it.

    To Create a Custom Style:

    1. While building your promotion in the drag-and-drop composer, click the Styles tab on the right sidebar.

    2. Click the Create your own button.

    01 Create Your Own

    3. Name your style in the popup window and choose to start from a clone of your current style (best for quick, simple changes) or create a totally new style (best for full customization).

    02 Naming A Style

    4. Use the three tabs in the popup window—MainText, and Logo—to fully customize your new style.

    03 Customize Your Style

    On the Main tab, you’ll be able to customize the following elements:

    • Style Name
    • Background Color
    • Foreground Color
    • Button Color
    • Button Shape
    • Border (On/Off + Color)
    • Footer Background (On/Off + Color)

    You can choose colors either by manually typing in a HEX code or clicking on the adjacent color tile to select from preset options. If you’re looking for a custom color, we recommend grabbing a HEX code using this awesome tool from Adobe.

    04 Main Tab

    On the Text tab, you’ll be able to customize the following elements:

    • Section Title Module (Font, Color, Size, and Alignment)
    • Heading (Font, Color, Size, and Alignment)
    • Subheading (Font, Color, Size, and Alignment)
    • Body Text (Font, Color, Size, and Alignment)
    • Link Color
    • Button (Font, Color, and Size)
    • Footer Text (Font, Color, and Size)

    05 Text Tab

    To edit a specific element, just click on it to see the available options. As you make changes, you’ll see them get applied to any existing content in your promotion in real time:

    06 Section Title

    On the Logo tab, you can update/replace your logo, choose its alignment, and link it to the URL of your choice.

    07 Logo Tab

    5. With all your style elements customized, don’t forget to click the orange Update! button in the bottom-right corner of the style-editing panel. With that, your new custom style is ready to go, and you’ll have access to it on the Styles tab any time you want to apply it to a promotion or customize it in the future!