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  • Mad Mimi Email Footer

    The Mad Mimi email footer is a great addition to your promotions, automatically popping them up to professional!

    The footer is the very bottom bit of your email showing your copyright and company information. It sits right below any Social Links you’ve added to your account.

    Mad Mimi email footer showing company information and copyright

    The company name and physical address that you entered when you registered your account will display in the footer space, by default. You can edit this info at any time by clicking on ‘Account‘ at the very top of any Mimi screen, while you’re logged in. Add a phone number, or any other details you’d like to display in the email footer.

    You can change the color of the footer background, and the footer text, independently of the other backgrounds and text colors. This is done from your Themes editor, on the right of the composer screen.

    And for any paid account, you can also activate the Promotion Tweaks add-on to make changes to your email footer. You can add extra content below the footer, adjust the copyright date range, and center the footer text.

    Any other questions about your email footer? Just shoot us an email or pop into chat :)