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  • Batchbook CRM Email Marketing Integration

    Batchbook is a social CRM that helps you manage your contacts in the cloud. Tracking leads, connecting with customers and monitoring communication is a gentle breeze with Batchbook and now you can integrate the CRM with Mad Mimi to add beautiful, simple, email marketing to the mix.

    To Set Up The Batchbook CRM Email Marketing Addon:

    • Click Go set it up in the Addons menu and enter your Batchbook account details:
    If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here. Free trials are available!

    – Your Subdomain is your Batchbook Account name. So if your account url is:, enter only: madmimi

    – Your API Key is the string of letters and numbers found in your page. It looks like this:
    Find your Batchook API key in the preferences page

    • After you save your account details, click the import button. Mimi will email you once the sync is complete.

    Sync your contacts to Mad Mimi, or Re-link to another account
    -You can always return to this page to sync your Batchbook contacts with your Mad Mimi audience.

    -You can also change the Batchbook CRM account synced with your Mad Mimi audience at any time–use the reset button.

    • Click over to your audience and select your Batchbook list to see the contacts :) The Batchbook list is located in the automatic lists section of your Mad Mimi audience.  Click on any contact in the list to see more details. Mimi imports Champion status, name, company, and tag data. All fields are fully searchable, just like any other Mimi audience records.

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