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  • The Simple Guide To Email Marketing

    If you’re new to Mad Mimi, new to email marketing, or need simple tips to make your email newsletters more effective, we’re here to help :)

    Dean Levitt, our very own Chief of Culture, wrote an ebook to guide you through the basics: The Simple Guide to Email Marketing.

    The Simple Guide To Email Marketing

    At Mad Mimi, you don’t need to be an HTML wizard to send HTML emails. You don’t need to be tech savvy and you don’t need to be a “marketer.” Written with busy people in mind, Mad Mimi’s simple guidebook will help you create email newsletters that focus on building relationships with your readers.

    Download the ebook for free! Available in both pdf or epub format.

    In The Simple Guide To Email Marketing, you’ll learn:

    • Why email marketing matters
    • Which free tools will make your life easier
    • Tips for writing effective content your readers will love
    • How to engage your readers and stay relevant
    • How to create a readable layout in no time
    • Standard design rules that look good in inboxes across all platforms
    • Tips for creating the perfect banner for your newsletter
    • How to think like a designer to brand your emails
    • Techniques to optimize your images for the inbox
    • How to write subject lines that will increase your view rates
    • Email analytics and understanding what they mean
    • Healthy list management techniques
    • How to enjoy email marketing

    Email marketing should be fun, quick and easy. The Simple Guide To Email Marketing will show you how to take advantage of this amazing channel without wasting time.

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