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  • Getting Started

    Prefer video? Watch our video tutorial instead!

    If you are new to Mad Mimi and you’re not exactly sure where to start, this is a really good place.  Don’t worry that Mad Mimi doesn’t have the plethora of boxy templates you may be used to, Mad Mimi’s unique design process is going to make your life a *lot* easier.

    Before getting started, we recommend the short tutorial and a little inspiration from others.

    Ok, now you’re ready!

    Step 1 – Hit Compose

    Change the Title

    At the top of the new Promotion, change the Title from “Untitled Promotion” to something more meaningful to you since that’s its purpose. Keep in mind that this is also visible as the name of the minimized browser window (or tab) when people view your email on the web.

    getting started, title change

    To Save or not to Save

    The Save button is your friend.  How often you use it is up to you but Mimi recommends that you save after you change a module or about every 15 mins.  This is your safety net in case of an internet interruption or computer crash. Don’t forget to check for an updated timestamp as you save. It means you were successful!

    Step 2 – Add (Your) Branding

    Mad Mimi lets you brand your emails with an image or “banner.”  For perusing some banner designs, check out the gallery.  If you don’t have access to design software, google “free online image editor” for several options.  (People find PicMonkey, Aviary and Canva easy to use.)  Plus, we’re always here to lend a hand.

    Upload your Banner Image

    What… your banner isn’t ready yet?  No worries.  Just come back to this step later.

    The Image panel on the right walks you through the upload process but for more details, click here.

    getting started, images enter here

    Drag your Banner into place


    Don’t like the Banner after it’s in place?  Just delete it (click the trash can in the upper right corner) or drag a new one over it.

    getting started, drag it over

    Make your Banner Clickable

    Click the pencil in the upper right corner and insert your website’s URL as shown here and below.

    getting started banner link

    Step 3 – Basic Structure

    Modules offer lots of flexibility while guiding your layout.  Mad Mimi isn’t about copying and pasting entire Word documents (a bad idea for an email), and it isn’t about throwing the kitchen sink into an inbox. Modules are the way to go. Below are the six module buttons. Hover your cursor over each to see what they do.


    Step 3a – Add Text Module

    Click the Text Module button to add a module.  Each module has it own set of tools just below it. (Detailed descriptions are here.) You start out in Edit mode so if you switch to Preview mode on this module and want to make changes, remember to click Edit first.

    For more about turning text into a clickable link, read this.

    Step 3b – Add Image Module

    You can do this two ways. Click the module button that says “image” or, if you already have an empty module, use the useful little dropdown menu on the top right of the module (shown below).

    getting started, changing module types

    Step 4 – Fancy it up

    You can add any combination of images and text, or fluff up your styles using the Customize Theme tool (on the right, in your theme tab below the Preview button).

    theme change

    Step 4a – Add Section Titles

    You can add headings (we call ’em Section Titles) by clicking that module button. You can always drag it upwards to slot it in the right place. See below:

    re-order modules

    Step 4b – Add Dividers

    Dividers work the same way as Section Titles (and all modules really). A cool way to get a custom divider is to use an image module and drag your custom divider design (if you have one) into the image box.

    Step 4c – Rearrange Content

    You can use the Drag tool (just click and hold) to drag content up and down. You can also use the dropdown menu shown in Step 3b above to flip modules around (for example, to reverse image and text positions).

    Step 4d – Customize Theme

    Themes are awesome! They let you change your color scheme and typography (fancy word for your font style, color and size). You can choose from pre-made themes (that we whipped up) in the right sidebar by clicking the Themes tab. Plus, you can edit and tweak these to suit you.

    It’s your turn!  Have fun!

    Now that you’ve read this, you’re ready to start playing around with Mad Mimi. Email marketing can be beautiful, effective… and *nothing* can reach out to your audience like a thoughtful email. Enjoy!

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