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  • Nimble CRM – Email Marketing Integration

    Nimble email marketing integration

    Sync your Nimble account with Mad Mimi and create socially-informed email marketing campaigns.

    Nimble is a social CRM that unites your contacts from multiple channels into one simple interface. Access your conversation histories, schedule follow-ups, monitor social media, and track deals all with Nimble. 

    How To Set Up The Nimble Email Marketing Integration

    1. Log into or Sign up for a Nimble account and an itDuzzit account. itDuzzit will help connect Nimble and Mad Mimi.
    2. Connect your Nimble and Mad Mimi accounts to itDuzzit. If you need help locating your Mad Mimi API key, details here.
    3. Click Create a Duzzit
    4. Select ‘Cloud to Cloud’ > Nimble > Mad Mimi

    email marketing integration, step 1


    When selecting Mad Mimi, you’ll have two options:

    Mad Mimi email marketing options

    1. Copy Nimble Contact to Mad Mimi

    This option syncs All Nimble contact data to a specific list in your Mad Mimi audience. You’ll only need to drag over the Nimble Contact ID then click save and move on to activating your Duzzit.

    Nimble to Mad Mimi configuration option 1

    2. Mad Mimi – Add Contact to List

    This option allows you to choose only the Nimble data you need imported to Mad Mimi.

    You’ll need to drag over the Nimble data fields on the left that you want imported into your Mad Mimi email marketing audience. You can choose as many or as few as you’d like! Only the fields that you drag over from the left to the fields on the right will be imported into Mad Mimi.

    itDuzzit - Configure

    There are two required fields. List name and the Nimble Email field. Keep in mind: you’ll need to scroll down far to find the available email options on the left hand side. In most cases, you’ll want to choose Work Email.

    Nimble options for email choice to include

    Then drag this choice back up to the top of your Mad Mimi fields on the right side. Once all fields are in place, click save.

    Mad Mimi email marketing field

    Now it’s time to activate and run your Duzzit.

    your final integration looks like this

    By default, the itDuzzit should check about every 15 mins for updates. You’ll always be able to view your sync history in your itDuzzit account.

    Nimble to Mad Mimi update log

    You can check out different plan options and sync configurations in your itDuzzit accountIf you want new Mad Mimi sign-ups to also update in Nimble, create another Duzzit connecting Mad Mimi > Nimble in the reverse.

    two way email marketing integration

    Now you’ve got a two way integration :)

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