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  • Email Analytics Explained: Growth

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    What Does “Growth” Mean In My Email Analytics?

    In Mad Mimi’s email analytics, the growth statistic is your sign ups and your unsubscribes. The total on the growth tab is calculated by taking your total subscribers from that newsletter, minus your total unsubscribes from that newsletter. This means that you may sometimes have a negative total in your growth tab. (Don’t fret, if that’s the case!)

    Mad Mimi statistics page showing growth tab totals of subscribe and unsubscribe

    The subscribers that are counted are only the folks who have signed up using the default web form signup link — in this email, only. Most often, and by default, this link is included in the promotion footer. However, you can use our Promotion Tweaks add-on feature to move that button to the top of your email, too.

    mad mimi subscribe button at bottom of email


    How Do I Set Up My Subscribe Link?

    There are actually two different ways to add a link for people to sign up to your email. You must have a sign up form already created, to do either — and it must be set as your default web form. For those first two steps, read on… Or jump to the second option of adding web forms using a macro.

    Adding the Default Subscribe Link button in the email footer

    Step 1. Click on Webform

    Web Form Option in Mad Mimi

    Step 2. Locate the web form that you want to set as the default and hover to the right of the Share button. A Set as Default button will appear. Click to Set as default:

    hover and click to set as your default web form in all Mad Mimi email marketing

    Step 3. Confirm your selection and you’re done :)

    confirm default web form for all email marketing

    Adding Subscribe Links to your Email with a Macro

    And, additional subscribe links can be placed anywhere else in the promotion using this macro: [[subscribe]]

    If you placed this in a text box with clickable text, it might look like:
    [Click here to subscribe]([[subscribe]])

    Here’s an example in the composer:
    Subscribe Link in edit mode

    The final result will look like this:
    subscribe link final display

    How Do I Encourage New Readers To Subscribe?

    • Encouraging your current readers to share your promotions via the forward to a friend link, or on social sites is one of the best ways to build your audience and create growth. Your readers already value your content and are likely to want to help!
    • Link placement is another key factor in subscriber growth. As long as you set up the In-email signup form, Mimi includes a subscribe link in your promotion footer, but why not place a subscribe link at the top of your promotion, too? You can use the [[subscribe]] link, or try our promotion tweaks options.
    • You can also try offering special deals, or perks to new subscribers. Loyal readers will enjoy sharing the special bonus with their friends and offering a free e-book or other content lets your new subscribers preview the type of material they might find in your regular newsletters. This helps your audience grow with well matched readers


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