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  • Can I View Lists From Stats, Or Export Stats?

    To view lists from stats, on the stats details page, click any stat type–i.e. engaged, accepted, bounced–to display the contacts that fall into each stat category:

    View Lists From Stats, start here

    Once you have the stats details you need, there are 2 main options for sorting through your data.

    View lists from stats - export and list sorting options

    1. Add To List
    2. With this option you can create new lists from stats, or add contacts to existing lists using stats. This option is perfect for sending a new promotion based on past action.

      Maybe you only want to send a follow-up mailing to your engaged readers, or views from this promotion. The add to list option is the way to go :) To generate the list:

      – Select the engaged tab. Then choose add to list and create a new list name. When you click over to your audience, you’ll see the list of engaged contacts from your stats area. Select this list for your next send.

      – So what if you want to send to only the “accepted” contacts, or contacts that did not view this promotion? Just exclude the views list you created above from the next mailing. Easy!

    3. Export stats

    If you like to keep external records, use Export. Mimi sends you a csv file of the contacts along with send data. So, if you’re exporting bounces, you’ll see send times and bounce reasons next to each contact.

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