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  • Zapier Integration – Sync your Email List with your Favorite Apps

    Zapier connects over 250 web apps to help you automate tasks and keep data synced between your Mad Mimi email list and other integral apps. Zapier grants you access to hundreds of integration possibilities. Simply connect your online accounts to Zapier, create a “zap” to dictate how you want to sync your data between apps and repeat!

    How To Sync your Email List with Apps via Zapier:

    To create a new Zap with Mad Mimi, first select Mad Mimi in either the Trigger or Action service options. Then choose an action and continue.

    Sync your email list with Mad Mimi and Zapier step 1

    Click the option to connect a Mad Mimi account to Zapier.

    Connect your Mad Mimi account

    In the pop-up, name your Mad Mimi Account (anything you want!). Then enter your Mad Mimi Account email and API Key. To locate your API Key in Mad Mimi, follow these steps.

    Enter account details

    Zapier will test your account credentials automatically. You’ll see a nice success message if your Mad Mimi account is connected properly.

    Success - email list is ready to sync

    Make sure to choose the Mad Mimi email list where you’d like to sync the data and select any other relevant data field options.

    map over fields to your email list

    Now you’re ready to complete your Mad Mimi Zap!

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