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  • Sync Your Etsy Contacts to Mad Mimi with Handmade Newsletter

    It’s no secret that Etsy is one of today’s most creative, active, and vibrant digital marketplaces. But when someone clicks that tiny heart icon next to your items, how do you go about capitalizing on their interest?

    With Handmade Newsletter, gathering potential & existing customers’ email addresses is fast and simple: You’ll be given a unique URL with your Etsy shop name to guide shoppers to your custom subscription page, seamlessly matched to your Etsy branding. And better yet, by using Mad Mimi’s integration with Handmade Newsletter, you’ll be able to automatically sync your Handmade Newsletter contacts straight back to your Mad Mimi audience lists. From there, use Mad Mimi to remind subscribers about your featured items, promote brand-new products, announce exclusive sales, send automated follow-ups… by syncing your Etsy audience lists back to Mad Mimi, you’re only a few clicks away from a successful long-term email marketing strategy.

    How to Sync Your Etsy Contacts to Mad Mimi Using Handmade Newsletter

    After you log into Handmade Newsletter, click on the Mad Mimi link in the sidebar under Integration. The first thing you’ll need to do is enter your Mad Mimi username (the email address you use to log into your Mimi account) and API key. You can follow these steps to find your API key.

    Once the info is entered, click the Connect button.


    With Handmade Newsletter connected to your Mad Mimi account, you can create a new audience list based on the interests your subscribers specify when they opt into your newsletter. Click the Update List button to sync that list to your Mad Mimi account.


    You can also select existing audience lists to add subscribers to and see which audience lists your subscribers are already on.


    With your Etsy contacts synced to Mad Mimi via Handmade Newsletter, you’ll be able to follow the normal steps for sending a Mad Mimi mailing, selecting your desired Etsy customers along the way.

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