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  • Setting up StudioBookings and Mad Mimi

    Prefer to watch a video? Check out our StudioBookings Mad Mimi video tutorial.

    It’s super easy to get your StudioBookings account connected to your very own Mad Mimi email marketing machine! Once you create and log into your StudioBookings account, you’ll see a “Dashboard” tab all the way over on the left:

    Dashboard tab on StudioBookings page

    Click there, and then scroll all the way down to the bottom, where you’ll see a “Mad Mimi” option.

    Dashboard menu options in StudioBookings, with Mad Mimi link at bottom.

    Simply click on that “Mad Mimi” option to activate your connected Mad Mimi account.

    You’ll receive a pop-up message that says “This will give you a free Mad Mimi account so you can send your members and students beautiful email newsletters.” Just click “OK” on that window, and you’ll return to your StudioBookings Dashboard.

    The bottom link on Dashboard will now say “Go Mad Mimi”, and you can click there to access your connected Mad Mimi account.

    finished set-up of StudioBookings and Mad Mimi -- Dashboard now says "Go Mad Mimi"

    Troubleshooting: If you receive a red error message, that says “Email address has already been taken”, don’t panic! This simply means that there is already an existing Mad Mimi account, with the email address that you’ve used as your StudioBookings login email address.

    Just email us and we can get you sorted out, in no time.

    Your StudioBookings and Mad Mimi Audiences

    When you click “Go Mad Mimi” from StudioBookings, you’ll see your Mad Mimi Audience area. All of your clients from your StudioBookings account are all automatically imported into your Mad Mimi account. Just like that!

    And any time you add a new member to your StudioBookings account, they will be automatically added to your Mad Mimi audience, too. No fuss!

    You may want to create an email newsletter signup form with Mad Mimi, and publish that on your studio’s website. This is a great idea for building an audience, and for being able to market deals, new classes or workshops, or just sharing relevant information with potential students.

    But keep in mind! The folks added to Mad Mimi directly, either by you, or by signing up through your web form, won’t be added automatically to your StudioBookings account. This is fine if these folks aren’t students, yet — but keep in mind that the automatic sync only happens FROM StudioBookings TO Mad Mimi, and not the other way around.

    Great Mad Mimi Features to Use with Your StudioBookings Account

    The Mad Mimi Drip Campaign is a great way to set up an email, or a series of emails, and send it out to new signups, or new students. You could have a “Welcome to our Studio” campaign, for all new students, with a week’s worth of tips to get the most out of their new membership. Or include reminders of popular classes that you offer.

    You can also use the Drip Campaigns in conjunction with a signup form, to create a “Welcome” email to anyone who signs up, regardless of whether or not they are a student. Put a signup form on your site, and connect a Drip Campaign to that list.

    If you already have a blog on your studio’s site, you can connect it to Mad Mimi’s RSS-to-email feature, and have those blog updates send out in email, automatically!

    Sending a weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly email newsletter to all your site signups AND members is a great way to keep your audience engaged, and keep them coming back for more. Whenever you update your site or social profiles with any news, just send out an email newsletter, as well.

    If you require your students to sign up for classes online, just send out a reminder newsletter to past attendees of those classes, so they won’t forget. Or, if you have a notoriously crowded class, send out a reminder to sign up early, to save their spot!

    Get Mad Mimi Help Anytime!

    Here in our help docs, get tips on creating a great newsletter, an awesome email banner, and sending to different lists in your Mad Mimi audience. And you can always email us 24/7/365, or click that “Chat” button at the top of any Mimi screen, to get a live person to help.

    Happy Studio Booking! :)