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  • Marked As Spam, How Do I Avoid Email Newsletter Abuse Complaints?

    marked as spam

    What Is An Email Newsletter Abuse Complaint?

    A complaint is when a contact clicks the “spam” button in their inbox. Mad Mimi tracks these through feedback loops and reports them in your statistics under the “Marked As Spam” stat.

    How Do I Reduce Complaints?

    The best way to reduce spam complaints is to alter your opt in process. Think about the reasons why a contact in your list would mark your email as spam. Whatever the reason, it’s always about an unwanted email. When a contact reports your email as spam, they’re saying they did not expect to receive an email from you and do not want to receive another! So go through your opt-in process as a test and ask yourself if you can make any step clearer.

    4 Tips:

    1. If you add customers to your email list, add a separate unchecked box specifically for email marketing opt in at the point of purchase.
    2. Only include active contacts from the past 18 months.
    3. Periodically remove contacts from your active audience that have not engaged with your emails. If you’re not sure how to do this, email support and we’ll help!
    4. If you use single opt in, make the switch to double opt-in.

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