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  • What is “Marked As Spam” and what can I do about it?

    Mad Mimi maintains feedback loops with multiple ISP’s which alert us each time a recipient clicks on their “SPAM” button:

    spam button

    Each time this button is clicked by a recipient, both the ISP and Mad Mimi take note. ISPs keep a close watch on those numbers. If you receive too many complaints, your mail may start being filtered to the spam folder, or blocked entirely. This can also do serious damage to Mimi’s servers, which are shared by our other users.

    If you get too many complaints, your account may be suspended. “Too many” typically means more than 1 spam complaint out of every 1,000. We are sensitive to the fact that different types of emails get different types of responses, but this is pretty much industry norm.

    Lower SPAM Complaints By Trying These Methods:

    1. Ensure your list is double opt-in
    2. Send less frequently
    3. Please check that your list is up to date with only active subscribers from the 18 months.
    4. Require your list to opt in again

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