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  • How Does Mimi Handle Duplicate Contacts When Importing?

    Ever wonder what Mimi does when you import duplicate contacts? Or how she handles duplicates across your list, when you’re sending? Never fear, the answer is here!

    There are duplicate contacts in my file!

    If you have repeated contacts in any file that you import to your Mad Mimi audience, you don’t have to sweat it. Mimi will notice those repeats in there, and simply won’t import any contact more than once. You’ll end up with less contacts in your Mimi audience list than are listed in your original file, since those repeats will be ignored.

    The list I’m importing to already has these contacts in it!

    If you are importing a file to a specific list in Mimi, and you’re concerned because that list and your importing list have some repeat contacts on it – no need to worry. Mimi will recognize that there are some contacts on that audience list that are also in your imported file. She will never make any duplicates of any contacts within a single list.

    Mimi will, however, update all the other information associated with that contact (name, company, phone, etc.) to be whatever is in your newest imported file. So, if you ever need to update your contacts’ info en masse, just change it all in a spreadsheet file with the email addresses (an audience export is easiest), and upload it directly to that same list in your Mimi audience. Instant update!

    Now, it’s important to keep in mind that you CAN have the same contact show up in multiple lists, in your Mimi audience. This does NOT mean that the contact is duplicated, it merely means that he is categorized in more than one way. It’s helpful to think about your “All contacts” list as a master, total list – and all your other lists as simple filters, or lenses, for different ways of looking at that single, master list.

    This contact is on multiple lists – will he receive my email twice?

    So, what happens when you select both of those lists that your contact is on, and send a mailing? Mimi’s got you covered! When sending a single mailing to your audience, Mimi will never send the email to anyone more than once. She knows that that contact is not really duplicated, and any contact who is on more than one list you send to, will only get a single email.

    If you are emailing a promotion multiple times, however, you do have to be careful. Between separate mailings of a single promotion, Mimi won’t keep track of those contacts who are on multiple lists in your audience. But you can easily protect yourself from repeat sends, just by using the ‘Don’t Resend’ option!

    the checkbox labeled "Don't send this to anyone who already received it"On the second page of the sending process, be sure to tick the checkbox called “Don’t send this to people who already received it”, on the last step of the sending process. That will make sure that no one will receive this promotion twice, no matter how many times you email it.