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  • Send Options: “Do Not Resend”

    when sending your email newsletter, click to prevent past recipients from receiving the email again.

    What Does The “Do Not Resend” Option Do?

    All Mad Mimi Promotions have the option to “don’t send this to people who already received it”. Selecting this option will prevent any contact that has received the promotion in the past from receiving it again, even if they’re on a list you’ve selected to send to.

    This option may be helpful if you’ve recently added new contacts to an audience list, but already sent out your newsletter. Click the don’t resend option and only the new additions will receive the mailing :)

    My Mailing Sent To 0 Contacts, Why?

    If all of the contacts in a list you selected to send to have received your email newsletter in the past, this would cancel out your send. If you’ve recently edited the same promotion and want to resend the newsletter to all recipients in a specific list, leave the “don’t resend” option unchecked.

    If you’re looking for more details, you can read through a sending example from start to finish.

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