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  • Using Personalization Tags, Or Mail Merge Tags In Your Email Marketing

    Note: This help doc describes how to add your personalization tags manually. If you’d like to set them up in a more streamlined, automatic way, check out our help doc on using the Personalization Feature here:

    Personalization tags are like Mail Merge tags. They’re codes you insert into your emails to personalize your newsletter for each contact in your audience list.

    So if you want to greet each contact in your audience by their first name for example, you would use a personalization tag like: Dear (firstname),

    To Add Personalization Tags, or Mail Merge Tags to your Emails,  Insert These Simple Codes:

    To get this:                               Type This:

    First Name                                  (firstname)

    Last Name                                  (lastname)

    Company/Organization               (company)

    Email Address                             (email)

    City                                              (city)

    State                                            (state)

    Custom fields are always welcome! The personalization tags work for any custom field in  your audience. If you’re not certain what custom fields are available to personalize, export your All Contacts list. Any header in the export file will personalize if placed within parenthesis, like: (custom_field_here)

    Using A Fallback Parameter:

    And if you don’t have the First Name or other information for everyone, you might want to display something instead of leaving it blank.  So use  the “fallback” parameter as shown in the example below:

    Dear (firstname,fallback=Customer),

    personalisation, or mail merge tag in action

    From Address Personalization Tags:

    It is also possible to add a personalization tag to the From Address field when sending a mailing. Just make sure to include a valid fallback email, like:


    here's an example of a personalization, or mail merge tag to personalise the "from address"

    Keep in mind, without a valid fallback email, Mimi will not send the mailing!