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  • Table of Contents (or Using Named Anchors)

    Creating a Table of Contents Automatically

    Create a Section Title using a regular section title module. If you want that section to be added to your Table of Contents, click this icon: tableofcontents

    Once you do that, a link to that section will be added to an automatic Table of Contents section at the top of your promotion, like so:clickable_toc

    Creating a Table of Contents Manually

    If you’re a Mad Mimi Power User you already know that she allows the use of some HTML constructs within your promotions. Even if you’re not, you may want to add a Table of Contents (or Named Anchors) to your promotion. It’s now as simple as adding a clickable link!

    So, let’s imagine you have a promotion with four or five sections in it, each of which is fairly long. It’s not inconceivable that some users may not want to read the entire thing, and just jump to the sections that interest them. So you’ll want to add a Table of Contents.

    Step 1 – Add new text module

    To get started, you need to add a new text module to your promotion. Of course, a Table of Contents is useless at the bottom of your promotion, so you’ll want to grab it by the drag area and slowly drag it to the top. You can do this in one step by dragging the module to just at the top of your browser window. That should cause the window to scroll up all the way to the top.  Then, continue to drag it down into place.

    Step 2 – Add list

    Now that you’ve got a new, empty text module just where you need it, you’ll need to add the Table of Contents info. In this example we’ll make it a list, using the “unordered list” tool on the toolbar, but you can really use any type of styling you like. Some people prefer a single line of pipe ( | ) delimited links, others like a numbered list. Enter the titles of your sections, each on a new line.

    named anchors, create the table of contents

    Then, select all text in the list, and hit the unordered list button. This will simply place an asterisk at the start of each line which Mimi will turn into a list for you. You could just as easily have typed the asterisks yourself, but sometimes it’s easier using the tools.

    named anchors, linking topics

    Step 3 – Turn list into links

    Next, you’ll need to turn each item into a link. Select the text for an item (excluding the asterisk) and hit the link button.

    named anchors, click link tool

    Mimi will pop-up with the text you just highlighted and a spot to add your link. Instead of a normal http:// type link, we’re using a hash (#) and the link name, like this:  #link_name (don’t use spaces here).

    named anchors, filling in the #link

    If you use the first word of the section name, it’s easy to remember. We’re linking each item in the list with the name of an anchor we’ll add to each Section Title later.

    In the end, each link should look something like this: [Link Text](#link_name).

    named anchors, all done! Let's move on.

    Step 4 – Add named anchors

    With the link names all set up, you just need to add the actual Named Anchors to the rest of your promotion, so those links know where to go. Click edit for each section title, add select the link button:

    named anchors, adding your linked Titles
    Then add in your link name. If you match the link name properly to the menu you just created, Mimi will recognize it as  an anchor. Notice the confirmation:
    named anchors link name here
    The link_name must, of course, correspond to the names you used in your Table of Contents, and note that you leave off the hash symbol here.  Yes, upper and lower case matter!  These named anchors will not be visible when you send the promotion so you needn’t worry about that.
    To add a named anchor anywhere else in the promotion, simply add a new Section Title. Click the link icon to add the Named Anchor, and click the Table of Contents button to add this new section title to the table of contents.

    Step 5 – Seeing is believing

    And with that, you’re done. You have a Table of Contents in your promotion. Isn’t that great?

    named anchors, huzzah!