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  • Zoho CRM Integration

    Zoho CRM
    The Zoho CRM integration allows you to import your leads and contacts directly into Mad Mimi. Syncing your Zoho contacts with Mad Mimi allows for list segmentation and targeting, so you can send beautiful html emails to a highly responsive audience!

    To Set Up The Zoho CRM Add On:

      1. Click Go set it up in the Add Things menu and enter your Zoho account details. If you don’t have a Zoho account, you can sign up here. Free trials are available!

    enter Zoho CRM details, here

      1. After saving your account details, click the import button. Mimi will email you once the sync is complete.You can always change the Zoho CRM account synced with your Mad Mimi audience later, if needed. Use the reset button.

    click import, to sync Zoho CRM with Mad Mimi, reset anytime

    1. Click over to your audience and select the Zoho Contacts or Leads lists to view audience members. Click on any Zoho email in the list to see more details.

    Mimi imports all available data fields from Zoho CRM including modified, created, and last activity times. All fields are fully searchable, just like any other Mad Mimi audience record.

    Whenever you need to sync Zoho CRM with Mad Mimi, click the refresh button.
    Click refresh to sync with Zoho CRM

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