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  • What Are Promotion Groups?

    Groups, or folders, are a way to organize your promotions. If you have multiple promotions with similar content, group them together into the same folder! A group reduces the number of pages you might need to scroll through to find an old promotion and makes it easy to select and work with similar promotions.

    Promotion Group

    These folder groups look different in your sidebar than a regular promotion, too. A group always has multiple thumbnails on the left, and the number of promotions in the folder, on the right. Notice the regular promotion has no number and just a single thumbnail image.

    Creating a grouped folder

    dragging one promotion on top of another to create a grouped folder

    Creating a group is very easy. Simply drag one promotion thumbnail onto another thumbnail, and Mimi will instantly create a folder, containing those two promotions.

    Find out more about creating folders, here.

    Adding promotions to a group

    adding a promotion to a grouped folder

    You can add more promotions to an already created folder, by simply dragging the promotion thumbnail on top of the group thumbnail. Mimi will add that promotion to the existing folder.

    More about adding promotions to a group, here.

    Removing promotions from a folder

    dragging a promotion out of a group to remove it from the folder

    Removing promotions from inside a group is also very easy. Expand the group by clicking on the folder thumbnail. Then drag the promotion you’d like to remove, up and out of the dark grey group area. Mimi will remove that promotion from the folder.

    Read more about removing promotions from a group, here.


    Editing a folder name

    double click the name of a folder to edit the group name

    If you double-click the name of any existing group, Mimi will allow you to edit that name, at any time.

    See more on editing a group name, here.

    Deleting an entire grouped folder

    You can get rid of existing groups just by removing all the promotions inside that folder. Expand the group by clicking on it. Then drag the promotions, one-by-one, out of the group. When there are two left, and you remove the next-to-last promotion, Mimi will delete the folder for you, automatically.

    More on deleting an already grouped folder, here.

    Enjoy creating and playing with groups and folders in your dashboard sidebar!