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  • Use to Manage Your Mimi Audience

    Whether it’s managing an entire company, developing a product, or keeping track of your marketing team and its campaigns,‘s intuitive interface will be there to make your life simple and easy. With a customizable dashboard, you can update your projects’ progress from anywhere, at any time. Marketing, development, and general management have never been easier.’s integration with Mad Mimi, built by the fine folks at Zapier, allows for users to leverage the two platforms’ features in ways that suit their needs for tracking their projects involving Mad Mimi. Use the integration to automatically add and suppress contacts to & from your Mimi audience in accordance with your triggers, keeping your workflow breezy and your stress levels safely at bay.

    Add & Suppress Mad Mimi Contacts with Triggers

    STEP 1: Log into your Zapier account, or create a free account by visiting Zapier’s website.

    STEP 2: From your Zapier dashboard, click the Make a New Zap button.

    STEP 3: For your new Zap, use the settings pictured below.


    STEP 4: In Zapier, select your Mad Mimi account or add a new one. If you already have your Mimi account set up in Zapier, just click the drop-down button and select your account. If you haven’t done that yet, you’ll need to retrieve your Mad Mimi API key, then follow these steps to add your Mimi account to Zapier.

    STEP 5: Following a similar process to Step #4 in Zapier, select your account or add a new one. To retrieve your API key:

    • Log into
    • Click the Menu drop-down bar in the top left corner of the page, and select the Account option.
    • From the Account sub-menu, choose API and follow the on-screen instructions to obtain your API key.

    STEP 6 (Optional): You can add custom filters to your Zap settings so that not every new list creates a new task in your account. For example, you can tag a list at the beginning of the list title:


    You can even tweak the Zap filters to your liking, with sophisticated “and” or “or” rules governing multiple types of triggers while excluding unwanted ones.

    STEP 7: Set your Zap to create tasks in the appropriate project platform of This way, you can keep everything neat and easily trackable :) Choose your project of choice and how you want your tasks to be named, making sure to select the options that best suit your needs along the way.

    You can also set up a way to choose the start date, as pictured below:


    STEP 8: Test your Zap :) Follow the directions in Zapier to test out your samples and ensure that your Zap is working.

    STEP 9: Name your Zap and turn it on!

    With your Mad Mimi & accounts added to Zapier, and your shiny new Zap ready to rock, you’re all set to let do the heavy lifting when it comes to reorganizing your Mimi audience in real time.

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