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  • So, What Is Compare Stats?

    You’ve seen the Compare Stats button in Mimi, but what exactly can you compare with this tool? If you’re trying to measure the effectiveness of different promotion types, or other differences between mailings like subject titles, compare stats gives you multiple ways to view the data.

    To Use Compare Stats:

    1. Select the promotions you’d like to compare on the right side of your dashboard.
    2. Click the Compare button.
    3. Compare Stats, select promos and click the compare button


    4. Mimi plots the stats for all of the promotions selected on a bar graph on the next page. With the promotions below, you’re comparing engaged rates. Clicks are displayed with the light shade of green, views medium green, and shares the dark shade of green. The overall length of each line is equal to the total engaement for that promotion.
    Compare Stats, Scaled View

    Above, we’re viewing the stats in Scaled View. This plots all stats scaled to 100%. So you can compare the types of engagement equally between all three promotions.
    There are two other compare stats views available.

    Relative, or  Percent View:

    Compare Stats, Percentage View

    This view compares the percentages of all stats to each other. So our promotion with a 100% engagement rate exceeds the other two mailings, even though it was sent to the smallest audience.

    Actual Number View:

    Compare Stats, Number View

    Here we’re comparing the actual number of contacts that engaged. So our promotion with 220 engaged becomes the largest bar on the graph.
    Compare Stats, Toggle through Stat types to plot above
    You can click through all of the tabs to compare any stat type between the promotions: accepted, shared, bounced, opt out and marked as spam.

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