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  • Looking for Yahoo DMARC Validation Info?

    Have you run into any trouble using a address as your ‘from’ email, when sending? Either just run into our warning:

    Mad Mimi warning when trying to send with Yahoo email address as 'from' display, due to Yahoo DMARC Validation changes

    or had trouble with bounces, after a send ‘from’ a email address?

    Yahoo made some changes to what’s called their DMARC Validation, that affects email marketing providers, like Mad Mimi. The current Yahoo DMARC Validation won’t allow you to use an address as your ‘from’ display, when sending through any service like ours.

    You can absolutely keep your address as your account log in. So we can still communicate with you, about anything account-related, to your main Yahoo inbox. You just need to make sure you’re using a different address for your ‘from’ display, on your mailings.

    If you don’t have another email address, don’t worry! We’re happy to help you set up a free email address with another provider, and set up automatic forwarding so any replies to your Mad Mimi emails will still go straight to you, at your address. No need for any change in your workflow!

    Let us know if you have any questions :)