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  • Integrating Privy with Mad Mimi


    Privy provides simple tools to grow your email list and build your subscriber base. You can use their popups, banners, and landing pages to encourage email list signup with a simple line of code on your website.

    Leverage their advanced targeting, including exit intent and auto-show, to increase conversions, and use offer-driven signup to add even more incentive to join your email list.

    Once you gather your signups through Privy, you can have them automatically added to your Mad Mimi audience, and send them your awesome emails!

    Here’s how to get it all set up:

    1. Sign up for a Privy account here:
    2. From your Privy dashboard, click “Settings”
    3. Under “Business Settings,” click on “Linked Accounts.”
    4. Click on “Mad Mimi”PrivyDashboard
    5. Enter the email address associated with your Mad Mimi account, along with your Mad Mimi API Key (You can find both of these details by clicking “Account” at the top of your Mad Mimi page).



    Once this is all done, you can head over to your Privy campaign, and under the “Email Sync” area, choose your Mad Mimi account. Then select the Audience List to which you’d like your signups added.




    Click the green check mark on the right to save your changes, and you’re all set! From then on, anyone who subscribes via your Privy widget will be added right to the audience list of your choosing. Easy peasy!