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  • How Do I View My Different Email Lists?

    Your Email Lists are always displayed on the left hand side of your Mad Mimi Audience area. Most of your email lists are totally customizable, but a few lists are automatically included in every account.

    email lists in the Mad Mimi Audience

    Standard Mad Mimi Email Lists:

    All contacts

    This list shows every contact that is currently active in your account. If you upload contacts to your active audience and don’t select a list, the contacts are added here. Any contact that belongs to a separate list in your active audience will also always belong to your All contacts list. It’s like the master active email list.


    With the signups list, you can see every contact that’s signed up through one of your Official Mad Mimi Webforms. These contacts will also be part of your All contacts list and any list specific list you connected to your webform. Some Signups may be unconfirmed, that’s normal! You can always export your signups list to view subscribe timestamps, too. If you’d like another layer of signup details, try Signup IPs.


    This list is where inactive contacts are stored, contacts that have bounced or unsubscribed. These contacts aren’t in your “All contacts” list and aren’t counted towards your account plan level total.

    Other Automatic Lists

    Some Addons provide list synch tools. These synchronized lists are found in the Automatic List area, under the Signups and Suppressed lists. The best way to make changes to these these lists is through the Add Things home page, for example Batchbook. From each integration’s Addon page, you’re able to test list credentials, synch new contacts, or remove lists entirely.

    automatic email lists

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