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  • How Do I View My Click-Through Rate And Other Details?

    To View Click-Through Rates:

    1. From your stats overview on the main promotion page, click the Stats Button.
    2. Note that your combined click-through totals will appear in the promotion stats summary. To view combined click-through rates for all mailings of a campaign, click on engaged in the summary.

      To view click-through rates per url, or for a single mailing click the stats button.

      Click-Through rate dashboard

      Mimi takes you directly to the stats details for the most recent mailing of that promotion, choose engaged from the options on the left.

      click-through rate details

    3. Click the % Percentages button
    4. click % to view percentages

    5. CTR success!

    click-through rate success

    To Compare Other Mailings’ Click-Through Rates:

    1. Select the All Sends link at the top of the page:
    2. compare past mailings

    3. Click the percentages button:
    4. click through rate compare

    5. Total Engagement Rates appear as the dark green line, with click-through rates in light green.
    6. Click any mailing to see specific url and contact click details.

    Compare graph


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