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  • How To Select Contacts In A List Or From A Search

    Mad Mimi lets you select contacts a few at a time, or you can select all of the contacts that belong to a certain list, or meet a certain search criteria. The possibilities are pretty endless!

    To Select Contacts In A Specific Audience List:

    1. Choose the list that contains those contacts.
    2. Select the “Email” box to select all of the contacts that are visible on the current page of a list.
    3. Check the “Select X People” box to select every contact that is in your currently selected list or search.

    how to select contacts


    Selecting From Search Results:

    To select contacts from a search, follow the same steps, but you have to search in one of your lists for whatever it is you’re looking for:

    select contacts from search

    We also have a detailed guide on selecting contacts based on search.

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