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  • How Do I Schedule A Promotion?

    You know how to send a mailing in Mad Mimi, already. You can also schedule mailings to send, at some point in the future. This is helpful to streamline your workflow, or take care of a bunch of sends all at once. Here’s to efficiency and planning!

    Before you do anything else, confirm your Time Zone settings in the Account area. Click on “Account” at the top of any Mimi screen, to check this. After your Time Zone is confirmed:

    Click the Schedule button below the thumbnail of the promotion you’re wanting to send. It’s right to the right of the “Send” button:

    Now, Mimi will walk you through the 3 steps to schedule your mailing. The first tab you see is called “Schedule” and that’s where you select the time and date that you want the mailing to send.

    drag the circle across the path to select the time of day to send your Mad Mimi mailing, or type in the time in the display

    You can drag the circle marker along the daytime sun path to pick a time of day. Or, you can simply click into the display time at the top right, and type in the time you want your mailing to send. Be sure to pick AM or PM, correctly!

    Click the date display in the top right, to choose the day you want your mailing to send.

    select year, month, and date for future scheduled mailing in Mad Mimi

    The date and time combination that you select must be in the future. If you run into any error messages about your time & date not being in the future, but you’re sure it is, double check your time-zone settings, in your Account area.

    Click the orange “Continue” button when you’ve chosen your future time and date for your scheduled mailing. The rest of the tabs are exactly like when sending a mailing directly, without scheduling it.

    The next tab you see is called “Recipients”, and this is where you choose which audience lists you want to send this mailing to. Click “Include” to send the mailing to that list, including as many lists as you want. Use the “Exclude” button only if you overlap among lists, and you want to make sure that the overlapping folks do NOT receive the mailing. You can click “Include” for the “Entire Audience” if you want to just send it to everybody in your audience.

    click Include on Entire Audience to send your Mad Mimi promotion to everyone in your audience. view from scheduling a send.

    Confirm your recipient details and then click the orange “Continue” button at the bottom or right of the page.

    The next tab you see is called “Details” and contains all your mailing details, such as the ‘from’ display name and email address, and the subject line. All of which are editable, right here, on this page.

    Confirm that your mailing details, including your social sharing options, are correct, and then click the orange “Schedule” button to finalize the mailing. You’ll have one last change to double check all your schedule details, before you confirm.

    Mad Mimi confirmation page when finished scheduling a mailing.

    Now you’re done! Just click “Looks Good. Schedule it!” and Mimi will send it for you at the time you chose.

    You will be returned to your Dashboard, and the clock button will be red now, if the mailing is successfully scheduled.

    Clock button will turn red on Mad Mimi Dashboard when promotion has been successfully scheduled

    You can always edit or delete your existing schedules. Simply click on the white “Scheduled” link at the top of the page, next to the Audience tab:

    click scheduled link at top of Mad Mimi page to edit or delete any existing scheduled mailings

    and then click the pencil button next to the mailing you want to edit.

    click pencil button next to scheduled mailing to edit any detail in Mad Mimi

    You will be able to edit all the details in any of those 3 tabs. You’ll see the exact same screens that you saw before, when creating your schedule, originally.

    Click the trashcan button to delete the scheduled mailing, completely. If you have no scheduled mailings, you will not see the white “Scheduled” link at the top of the page.