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  • How Do I Center or Justify My Text?

    There are two ways to center text in Mimi, either manually, or by default.

    To make your text centered or justified by default, jump here.

    If you need to center a line or paragraph, use the highlight and click option in your text module:

    Markdown will display in edit mode:

    Click “OK” on the top left to see your results!

    To Make Text Centered or Justified By Default:

    1. Go to the “Styles” tab on the right. The style that you’re using is highlighted in gray.

    2. Click on the pencil icon to edit the style. Your text options will appear next :)

    3. Open the “Text” tab, and choose the type of text you’re centering or justifying


    4. Your Alignment Options for the selected text type appear next:

    5. Choose what you need: left, center, right or justify. Then click “Save” on the bottom right.


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