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  • How Do I Add, Re-order Modules or Change the Module Type?

    To insert a new module at the bottom of the promotion:

    Click on the module type you want and it will appear at the bottom of your promotion. Add content and save!


    To rearrange the order of your modules:

    Click and hold the “Drag” arrow in the upper left corner of the module you’d like to move:


    Drag and drop it in between any two modules in your promotion.


    To add a module in between two existing modules:

    1. Hover your mouse below the top module, around the lower right corner.

    2. Click the “+” sign that appears there, and a new module will be added.



    To change the module type:

    Say you have a “Text & Image” module and you want to flip the image to the right.  All you need to do is click on the module name up top, and select another module type. You’ll see the change in your composer space instantly.


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