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  • Help! My Facebook post is showing the wrong Mad Mimi email!

    Have you ever posted your recent Mad Mimi newsletter to Facebook, only to discover that the final Facebook post is displaying the wrong promotion? Never fear, we’ve got your solution here!

    First of all, don’t panic. You don’t need to delete the Facebook post, at all. The steps below will fix this issue, without you needing to repost anything.

    This scenario can sometimes happen when you’ve cloned a promotion, in your Mad Mimi account. Then you go about editing the new one to update it, and add new images, and change the text, etc. However, Facebook is still stuck on referencing the thumbnail and images from the original version. You simply need to refresh the Facebook reference to your Mad Mimi permanent URL, and all will be well.

    If your Facebook post is showing the wrong Mad Mimi email, simply follow these steps here to fix it:

    Step 1: Copy the Mad Mimi URL for the Promotion

    This is actually the same URL that you pasted into your post on Facebook. And you need it, now, too. So, either copy it directly from your Facebook post… or click on the “Share” button, underneath the promotion thumbnail, on your Mad Mimi Dashboard. The URL is already highlighted, so just copy it and you’re done.

    copy permanent Mad Mimi URL for sharing promotion

    Step 2: Go to the Facebook Debugging Page

    There is a page where you can debug your links, just for Facebook! There is a field where you can enter your URL, to have Facebook refresh all associations and external links. Paste your copied URL into that field and hit the blue “Debug” button.

    Paste Mad Mimi URL into Facebook dubugger and hit "Debug" button

    That will bring up all the information about that link, in Facebook. Now, click the blue button that says “Fetch new scrape information”.

    click Fetch New Scrape Information to update the connection between Facebook and Mad Mimi for that URL

    Step 3: Check that the URL has been Refreshed

    Once you hit the “Fetch new scrape information” button, you should see that display below (with a whole lot of technical seeming information), refresh. The most important part to pay attention to is the section that says “Based on the raw tag, we constructed the following Open Graph properties”. And the one below that called “When shared, this is what will be included.”

    review Facebook open graph information to make sure Mad Mimi URL is refreshed

    In the first section, check that the “og:title”, “og:image”, and “og:description” are showing the correct text and images from the most recent version of that promotion. And then below that, in the share preview section, you can actually see a sample of what it will look like when you paste that same URL into a post on Facebook. This should match all the object properties items above, also displaying the most recent information for this specific promotion.

    Step 4: Refresh your Facebook Post

    If you’ve already deleted your Facebook post, no worries. You can simply paste this same URL into a new post, and the preview and display should be updated. But if you didn’t delete your old post already, just refresh your Facebook page, and you should see that most updated, recent information.

    If you’re still having trouble, just let us know — we’re here for you!