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  • Google Analytics In Your Promotions

    Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about the visitors to your website.

    The Mad Mimi integration automatically generates link tracking so you can see extactly how your email promotions work together with your website.

    You’re already able to see how many of your contacts clicked through to your website thanks to Mad Mimi’s tracking. By utilizing Google Analytics, you can see how long they stayed, what they clicked on, which pages they read, and where they went from there.

    To Get Started with the Google Analytics Add On:

    1. Click on Add Things:
    2. Then Go set it up:
    3. Click Add Domain and enter the url that is linked to your Google Analytics account.
      Repeat per domain if you have more than one and Save.
    4. If you want to see your conversion value display in your Mad Mimi stats, you can also link your Google Analytics account to your Mad Mimi account.

    Add Things button click here to enable the add on


    Click to set up Google Analytics add on


    Click Add Domain to link your domain Google Analytics to Mad Mimi


    Authorization Button, click to link

    Conversions will appear alongside the rest of the regular stats.

    Google Analytics Conversion Value in Mimi Stats

    Now you’re fully integreated :)  We take care of the rest (provided you already have a Google Analytics account set up).

    To learn more about viewing your Google Analytics metrics, look here.

    Please Test, Before you Send!

    When you enable Google Analytics, the function will add unique parameters to your link redirect URL. There are some sites out there that just don’t play nice with these changes. So, sending a test email to yourself, before sending the mass mailing, is SUPER IMPORTANT!

    If you send yourself a test, and those hyperlinks aren’t working, don’t worry! There is a simple test that you can try.

    The link redirect that you have, will look something like this:….

    Copy this URL, and delete everything from “utm_source” forward, so you’re left with just up to the “?” – try just this first part of the URL. If that works, then there’s a problem with your site and the Google Analytics parameters. If it doesn’t work, then check that your domain is entered into the Google Analytics add-on, in Mimi. If you’re sure it’s entered correctly, then the problem is actually just with your domain.

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