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  • Gmail Tabs – How To Deliver In The Primary Inbox

    If you’re using Gmail Tabs in your inbox, Mad Mimi emails will typically arrive in the Promotions tab by default. You can adjust Gmail Tabs settings to deliver an email newsletter to the primary tab in 2 easy steps. Emailers, feel free to download these images and include them in your email newsletters directly, or just link your readers here!

    2 Steps to Deliver in Gmail’s Primary Tab:

    1. Click on the email newsletter > drag and drop the email to the Primary Tab:

      Drag and Drop to Gmail Tabs Primary Folder


    3. Click Yes when offered the option to “always deliver” to Primary.

      Gmail Tabs asks "Do this for future messages?" Click Yes!

    That’s it! Repeat as needed for other email newsletters that deliver to Gmail Tab’s Promotions tab by default.

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