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  • Email Analytics Explained: Engaged

    What Does “Engaged” Mean In My Email Analytics?

    The Engaged statistic includes all contacts that clicked a link in your email, or shared your email. If a reader viewed your email (with images!), but took no other action, you’ll find the contact in your Viewed stats and not your Engaged stats.

    How Do You Track Engagement?

    All links in your Mad Mimi promotions are momentarily redirected via Mad Mimi servers to capture clicks. So when a contact clicks on a link in your email, this redirect helps Mimi track which contact clicked what link. For more details, read our guide to viewing clicked statistics.

    Social shares are tracked in a similar way. Mad Mimi generates unique social share links for each recipient in your contact list. So when the share link is clicked, she’ll know exactly which contact did the sharing :)

    If a reader received your email successfully, but took no action, this contact is tracked in your Accepted stat.

    Any Other Tips On Monitoring Social Engagement?

    Mad Mimi Also has a Chrome Extension that allows for real-time monitoring of social engagement–pretty cool, right?

    The Chrome extension shows what promotions were shared by which audience members (even if that’s you!) on a specific social platform. The quick feedback makes it simple to track social shares as your sending a campaign, or just after you’ve mailed one out. So it’s easy to engage the right readers directly on social platforms.

    The Chrome extension notifications are also available in your browser, even when you’re not logged in to Mad Mimi. So if you’re not sure how to work with and grow your social media interactions, the Chrome extension could be a great place to start.

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