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  • Email Analytics Explained: Accepted

    What Does “Accepted” Mean In my Email Statistics?

    Accepted means the promotion was successfully accepted by the recipients’ server. Accepted includes all contacts that received the promotion successfully and may or may not have taken other actions.

    If a reader also viewed your email, clicked links in your email, or shared your email, you’ll also find the contact in your Engaged stats.

    What Is The Difference Between “Accepted” and “Viewed” in email analytics?

    Promotions are tracked using a 1 pixel by 1 pixel image–we call this a tracking beacon. The tracking beacon is an invisible image in all promotions that, once downloaded, lets Mimi know your contact viewed the email. Before your reader opens the email and allows images, or clicks a link, we have no way of tracking the recipient behavior. So once your reader downloads the images in your promotion, Mimi calls this a “view.” If your reader received the promotion successfully, but has not viewed images, or clicked a link, then we call that “accepted.”

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