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  • Difference between Promotion Title and Subject Line

    The Promotion Title that displays on the Promotions page and the Subject Line of an individual mailing are two different things. However, Mad Mimi will use the Promotion Title as the default Subject Line, the first time you send a campaign. And any subsequent send will default to the Subject Line used on the previous mailing. But you can edit the Subject Line for each mailing, and the Promotion Title at any time — completely exclusive of each other.

    Editing the Promotion Title

    Edit the Promotion Title of any promotion in your account by clicking on the Edit button under the promotion thumbnail, on the Promotions page. Then click into the field at the top of the Composer, and edit the Promotion Title. Be sure to click the Save button, in order to commit any edits you make.

    Editing the Subject Line

    Edit the Subject Line at the time of sending your mailing. The Subject Line field displays on the second page of the mailing process and is fully editable, each time you send a mailing. Simply make your changes before clicking Send, and the mailing will have your new Subject Line.